This play is indeed, to quote from Shakespeare himself, a tale told by an idiot. A self-proclaimed idiot, that is. The setting of this play is a kitchen really! The characters are the utensils and ingredients used in preparing the Turkish dish ‘menemen’, a traditional omelette. And the taste is good as the play.

Produced by İstanbulimpro

Designed by Kadro Pa

From W.Shakespeare,

Adapted & Performed by Simge Günsan

External eye by Burak Tamdoğan

Music by Evren Gülseven, Argın Aytaç

Lighting design by Melda Tuzluca

Poster design by Yeşim Kılıç

Promotion Images & Video by Beyoğlu İdman Yurdu

Running time 50 min

premiere: 5 April 2011

Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters are coming to life in a small room at Eski Cambaz Bar..

Produced by Eski Cambaz

Designed by Kadro Pa

From Anton Chekhov

Adapted & Performed by Elif Temuçin, Melda Tuzluca, Simge Günsan

External eye by Erkan Uyanıksoy

Costume Design by Hilal Polat

Poster design by Beyoğlu İdman Yurdu

Thankns to Deniz Keresteci

Running time 60 min

premiere: 27 December 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!!! While you are having fun with Circus d’Arc, don’t forget about Joan of Arc!

Produced by Kabile

Designed by Kadro Pa

From Bernard Shaw,

Adapted & Performed by Simge Günsan, Didem Kırış

Choreography by Ögür Kavurmacıoğlu

External eye by Güray Dinçol

Poster design by Kemal Okur

Promotion Images & Video by Hasan Canberk Karaçay

Running time 60 min

premiere: 4th of September 2013

A love story of two halves.. a black tale..

Designed by Kadro Pa

From anonymous Turkish story,

Designed & Performed by Simge Günsan, Hasan Canberk Karaçay

Graphic Designer Gökhan Hançer

Music by Burak Malçok, Yekpare

Costume design by Hilal Polat

Technic by Baran Şaşoğlu

Running time 35 min

premiere: 4 October 2013